Funko Pop AI 제너레이터

AI 제너레이터로 독특한 Funko Pop을 만들어보세요! 캐릭터를 설명하고 AI가 수집 가능한 피규어로 만드는 과정을 지켜보세요.

Funko Pop AI Generator

프롬프트 제안

Funko Pop figure of a female astronaut, with medium-length brown hair and a warm smile. She's wearing a white and blue space suit with the NASA logo, holding a small model of the Hubble Space Telescope in her right hand. The figure stands on a moon-like base with small craters and a backdrop of a star-filled sky, emphasizing the theme of space exploration.

Funko Pop figure of a male chef, with short curly black hair and a cheerful expression. He's wearing a white chef's coat, a black apron, and a tall chef's hat. In his hands, he holds a wooden spoon and a small frying pan with a sunny-side-up egg. The figure stands in a kitchen setting with a stove and various cooking utensils in the background.

A Funko Pop figure of a female marine biologist, with long wavy blonde hair and glasses. She's wearing a blue wetsuit with a white lab coat over it, and she's holding a clipboard in one hand and a small, colorful coral reef model in the other. The figure is set against an underwater backdrop, with various fish and a sea turtle visible in the background.